The Secrets to Build a Great Partnership With Your Sponsors

The Secrets to Build a Great Partnership With Your Sponsors

To make the event you have planned and idealized, often a high investment is required and is not always readily available. As an alternative to raise the funds you can look after sponsors for your event, which are companies or organizations that buy sponsorship quotas in exchange for brand promotion. But getting sponsors investing in your event is never easy.

To start, the most important thing is to have the event budget aligned with suppliers. Based on this, the organizer will be able to estimate how much it will be necessary to invest to make a great event and thus to look for the sponsorships, often organized by quotas.

In order to have affordable values for sponsorship in the event and thus arouse the interest of companies in investing in the project you are working on, divide the total amount needed into sponsorship quotas. Example: If you need $ 100,000 to make your event, split it into two installments of $ 30,000.00 and four installments of $ 15,000.00, with different benefits in each them.

Exemplifying: For the sponsors that buy the quota of $ 30,000.00, offer a stand of 30m², show the sponsor logo in all publicity materials (tickets, t-shirts, bags, folders, etc.), space for speakers to talk about the company, dedicated posts in social networks and tickets for employees.

For sponsors that buy the quota of $ 15,000, you can build a package with a stand of 20m², the brand logo on the event t-shirts and tickets for employees.

Also worth working with exchange if you think convenient and attractive for your event / budget. Exchange printed material for the publicity of the graphic, t-shirts for the logo of the factory stamped, tables and chairs for the exhibition of the brand in stand, etc.

We remind you that the above quotes are only examples; you must define the benefits of each quota according to the needs of the event and availability of items, and also define the values.

Once you have budget and definition of sponsorship quotas available, it’s time to look for companies that might be interested in partnering with you. Search for companies that have customers similar to the target audience of your event. If the event is for the hotel industry, for example, seek sponsorship from travel agencies, airlines, hotel chains, travel and lodging applications, management software, cleaning and food service providers, property maintenance companies, etc. Get to know the suppliers of these companies. Have a systemic view of everything that surrounds the target audience of the event and bet on it in your search for sponsors.

After making contacts and scheduling conversations with potential investors, the time for presentation comes. Develop attractive material (worth making a power point, folders, print spreadsheets, graphs, etc.) with information that will arouse the interest of the future investor. Learn to enchant the listener: Show past issues (or other events already organized), what benefits to be a partner of the event will bring to the brand, present the prepared dissemination material, decoration design, and link the target audience of the event with the company’s customers. Be professional: do not overdo the numbers and estimates, know how to negotiate the values and items of the quota and be serious about speaking. Be prepared to answer any questions and be open to listening to the company’s proposals and ideas.

Another benefit that helps a lot is to publicize the sponsor’s brand in digital media such as social networking, website and event mobile application. The mobile application is very attractive, for example, in Eventelis you have 3 different opportunities that can be given to show sponsor logos within the App, thus making sponsors of larger quotas more visible. Learn how Eventelis can help you attract more sponsors through our digital solutions and mobile application.


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