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Month: January 2019

The Secrets to Build a Great Partnership With Your Sponsors

To make the event you have planned and idealized, often a high investment is required and is not always readily available. As an alternative to raise the funds you can look after sponsors for your event, which are companies or organizations that buy sponsorship quotas in exchange for brand promotion. But getting sponsors investing in…
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The complete guide to making events sustainable and greener

Sustainability has already reached the world of events. If you are not yet investing in sustainable actions, you better start thinking about ways to make your event sustainable and socially responsible today. In this article, we will give you valuable tips to make your event sustainable by bringing cost reduction and adding value to your…
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What Everyone Should Know About Ticket Sales

The main concerns of event planners are registrations and ticket sales. There is no point in having planned, organized, decorated and dedicated to the event if you do not attract participants and generate revenue. To help you with this important task in this article we review the tips that everyone should know to make sell…
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The secret to make a good event feedback survey

It is very important to know the opinion of your participants in order to build the best experience they deserve and will remember forever. With that in mind, we developed this content about feedback surveys and how to use this powerful tool to gather feedback from participants and create better events. There are several types…
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How to plan food and beverage for your event

Food and beverage planning at events are delicate and crucial tasks. Bad choices may affect the organizer’s performance. To help with this task, we have some important tips to make the right choices for the success of your event. Estimate the number of attendees Start with the estimated audience who will be in the event.…
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5 tips to increase your event engagement

For an event to succeed, it is very important that the attendees are engaged. Engaged attendees generate more publicity for the event, increasing presence in social networks without direct cost. To help with this task, we selected 5 simple and effective tips that will make difference if you apply in your event. Build a consistent…
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