What Everyone Should Know About Ticket Sales

What Everyone Should Know About Ticket Sales

The main concerns of event planners are registrations and ticket sales. There is no point in having planned, organized, decorated and dedicated to the event if you do not attract participants and generate revenue. To help you with this important task in this article we review the tips that everyone should know to make sell more tickets to your event.

Get to know your audience

First of all, you have to know the audience of your event. It will not do any good to try to sell Medical Congress tickets to Engineering students, for example. Identify where your audience (your tribe) is and how they communicate (Facebook, Internet forums, WhatsApp groups, cultural events in your area, bars, etc.). With this information, you can identify which language and which media to use to attract people to the event.

Choose the media

Today we have endless choices of media: phone, messaging, email, social networks, newspapers, mobile applications, etc. Find out what your target audience’s preferences are and invest in them. A very used tool is Facebook because within it there are several possibilities that help you to measure the interest and involvement of your audience: Creation of event, groups and specific page of the event for those interested to send questions and search for information. Another great option is to have an app, in this case, you can have a continuous communication between one edition and another and offer users who are more engaged the possibility of having information first hand and make their registration in advance.

Bet on content creation

When defining the medium, define how the contents will be. Invest in your visual identity and the language your audience uses (formal, casual, stripped, etc.). Ask the speakers and influencers of the area (who will go to the event) to record videos, generating participants’ expectations. Use the tools that social networks provide to appeal to your audience. Make images, bet on memes (if the type of event allows it), texts, photos, videos, etc.

Videos are widely used for dissemination, they bring the audience closer together bringing interactivity and connection. Instagram is a great tool for producing short videos with lots of interactivity. In it you can do polls, countdown, open for questions, put effects and other options in a very easy and practical way. In addition, it is important to plan some YouTube videos, which serve as an invitation and to share some tips about the content of the event.

Creating a blog with relevant content to your audience is another method of attracting attendees to your event. In the blog you can show a little about the content that will be exposed in the event, which will generate curiosity and arouse interest.

Create a connection with users

Use social networks to attract the audience and keep them connected to your event.
It is important to always respond to comments and messages on your social networks, this way you will approach them, engaging and attracting more people. Whenever you can use posts that invite the user to interact with it. For example, instead of just posting “Speaker X confirmed!”, post “Speaker X confirmed! Who else loved this news?”.

A cool feature of Eventelis that helps in this topic are the Social Cards that are made available to the speakers and participants with their photo and information about the event so that they can publish on their social networks.

Plan batches and discounts

Batch selling is an effective option. Determine deadlines for discounted ticket sales; the idea is that the sooner the interested party buys the ticket the greater the discount. In this way, it is possible to measure the interest and still make adjustments in the values, if necessary.

Another option is to use discount coupons, but remember to use this option very carefully because many discount coupons or coupons without well-defined criteria can tarnish the image of the event. Coupons for a special date, for example Black Friday, or coupons for group purchases, for example when buying 10 registrations can help boost sales.

Depending on the type of event, social media like and share discounts are valid options. They reach large numbers of people quickly, with relatively low investment, and bring new people to know the event.

Remember that it is not positive for your image to give tickets a few days before the event just to fill empty spots; this can damage the image of the organization. Make a detailed action plan for ticket sales and review the strategy during the run if necessary.

Reward the first comers

People like what is unique and made especially for them. Guarantee gifts, discounts and bonuses for first-time registrants. This will serve as an incentive for the advance purchase of tickets. Another benefit that can be offered is exclusive content: Ask the speakers for relevant and different content of what will be presented at the event and set a deadline for the purchase of the ticket with this bonus.

Having a website and mobile application are mandatory items these days when we talk about events. In these, the updates must be constant and must be synchronized so that they do not generate doubts. Everything related to the event should be online: ticket sales, speakers, schedule, location, and news. Learn how Eventelis can help you stay connected with participants.


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