• Personalized App

    The perfect tools to engaje your participant.

  • event app notifications


    Send notifications to your App users through Push messages. Create a message calendar and automate the entire communication of your event! Keep your visitor connected.

  • event satisfaction research

    Satisfaction Research

    Receive feedback from your participants in a unique way! Understand your audience.

  • social network integrated

    Social Networks

    Let your attendees connect directly through the App on the social networks of the event. Share schedule items using #Hashtags of the event leveraging the communication and connection between the participants.

  • event schedule solution

    Schedule and Agenda

    View the entire schedule of your event. Allow your participants to set their own agendas and optimize time in your event making it much more profitable.

  • event informations

    Event Guide

    All information your event needs to instruct your attendee and increase your experience on the event.

  • speakers list

    Speakers, Exhibitors and Sponsors

    Show the speakers or exhibitors of your event and increase their visibility! An own space in your App to list the Sponsors, boosting the dissemination and business opportunities.

  • event floor plan

    Static or Smart Floor Plan

    With the static floor plan your participants can see the location of the activities at the event. With the Smart Floor Plan, it is easy to find where the activities are located and the participant can see its location in real time. By enabling this feature, you can also generate heat map reports with the most visited places in your event!

  • event communication

    Direct contact via App

    Listen what your attendees have to tell you with an channel of direct communication via App.

  • notes for events

    Feedback and Notes

    Understand what your participants found about schedule activities through simple votes with Emojis and see what can be improved. Give the opportunity to add notes to content items.

  • event promotion

    Advertising Spaces

    In some screens of the App, you can add banners and logos of companies you want to advertise!

  • mobile payment for events

    Mobile Payment

    Give your visitors the opportunity to buy tickets with just a few clicks through the App of your event.